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Ausgewählte Kundenreferezen

Client 7


Annual Financial Statements
Supervisory Board resolutions
Articles of Association

Client 8

Energie AG Oberösterreich

Consolidated Financial Statements
Group Management Report
Non-Financial Report

Client 2

BlackRock Inc.

Hotel acquisition campaign Germany 2020
Due diligence reporting
Property inspection reports

Client 3


Medical compliance documentation

Legal documentation

Client 8

Europäische Zentralbank

Documents and publications

on macroeconomic topics,

monetary policy and

banking regulation (BASEL II)
Stresstests, Kapitalberechnungen

Client 8

Jewish Claims Commission

Tracing of artworks and their provenance, and ownership history for the Claims Commission

Client 8

Zollbehörde Australien

Translations in the area of COVID-19 related customs enforcement and quarantine

Client 8

FC Bayern München

Commercial register translations, articles of association, memorandums and incidental correspondence

Client 8
Client 8
Client 8

Schweizerische Post

Deutsche Steuerfahnung

U.S. Environmental Agency

Client 8

Alexander Zverev (Tennis player)

Translation of evidence in investigation of tax fraud cases, multilingual research and support in the review of supporting documents

Support in the investigation of the Diesel scandal and translation of case-relevant communications from the concerned car manufacturers

Translation of contracts, training and competition agreements, legal affairs documents in relation to professional sports management

Anna Correas-Matiz, Madrid:

I had the chance to work with finlingo and Daniel on several legal projects over the span of 3 years. He's extremely reliable, very friendly to work with and delivers super high quality. 

Ron Cohen, Tel Aviv:

Excellent service. They responded within minutes, made a very competitive offer, did quality work, which was sent both by email and as a high-quality formatted official hard copy. Polite and extremely professional. 

Veronica Jespers, Hamburg:

Great help. If you are looking for a good resource in the finance domain - you can be confident in this operator to provide high quality and timely support.

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